Welcome to the Learning Graph Tool

Are you an educational or vocational programme designer /developer? If you are developing a programme relevant to energy transition, then you can accelerate your work even more than 25% (according to external experts). The learning graph model allows you to create a robust structure of your programme and then decide and develop your learning materials. In the learning graph tool, you can check how other colleagues (professors, tutors, instructors) have organized similar programmes. Search for learning programmes using keywords, thematic area, learning style, e.t.c. and find learning graphs for similar topics. You can also search for similar learning outcomes. Once you find in the learning graph tool a learning outcome relevant with the one you have at hand, you have access to the corresponding learning materials which range from slidesets to extra readings, videos and case-based modules. Last tip: you can also enrich your programmes with learning outcomes targeting soft skills and social sciences and humanities. Your students and trainees will love it. Watch the introductory video and start designing your courses!